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China is a big country in the production and consumption of lighting products. According to the calculation, China's lighting power accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the whole society. Based on China's large population, with the rapid development of national economic level in recent years, the lighting power consumption in China is huge, and it also brings about the problem of energy shortage and environmental pollution. With the introduction of the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy, "China's incandescent lamp roadmap" declares that the traditional incandescent lamp is bound to withdraw from the historical stage. At the same time, the technology of LED lighting products is becoming more and more mature, and the marking machine plays an important role in the production line. The key of the enterprise to win the consumer is to display the unique personality of the product through the packaging. In order to prevent the counterfeiting of the same industry and the effective management of regional sales, manufacturers will identify their products with high scientific and technological anti-counterfeiting means.

Laser marking technology with respect to the ink printing is a technology more advanced technology. The application of laser marking machine in the Chinese market has just started, but the trend of development is swift and violent. Laser marking machine greatly improves the existing problems of traditional coding machine, improves the reliability and flexibility of the equipment, and is suitable for all kinds of metal and non-metallic materials.

The working principle of laser marking machine is the laser with high energy density gathered on the surface of objects to be engraved, in a very short period of time, the surface will be vaporized, and by controlling the effective displacement of the laser beam, precisely carving exquisite patterns or characters, so that the laser marking green is the most safe marking equipment.

Laser marking machine is the main advantages are as follows:

1, reduce production costs, reduce material consumption, improve production efficiency;

2, anti-counterfeiting effect, laser marking technology can be effective to restrain the fake product identification;

3, is conducive to product tracking, laser marking machine can make the product batch production date, frequency etc.. It can make every product get good tracking performance.

4, increase the added value, can make the product look higher grades. Enhance the reputation of the product brand;

5, reliable equipment, laser marking (marking) industrial design with mature, stable and reliable performance, 24 hours of continuous work, laser maintenance free time up to 20 thousand hours or more. The range of temperature adaptation is wide (5 - 45 C), which is widely used in the production line of LED industry.

6, environmental protection, safety, laser marking machine does not produce any chemical substance harmful to human body and environment. Comply with GB7247-87; GB10320-88 standard. It is an environment-friendly high-tech product.

7, laser marking function in a very small range of printing large amounts of data, with very fine laser beam marking in the material itself, the printing of high precision, accurate control, clear the perfect interpretation of the print content, with strong market competitiveness, environmental protection and safety, no corrosion. Completely isolated the chemical pollution, for operators is a close protection, ensure the production site clean and tidy, reduce the investment, reduce noise pollution.

Boliante laser processing complete set of solutions for the LED industry is in long-term processing of the follow-up survey, and combined to form the basis of LED industry product features and characteristics of the laser. The fundamental purpose is to help enterprises adapt to market changes, maximize production efficiency and production quality, reduce material consumption, and keep pace with the rapid development of the industry in the international market. The solution of laser BOT launch, using the most advanced technology in hardware, using the most advanced systems in the software, the whole process of standardization management.

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