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Wuhan Bolian Special Continuous Service Electronics Manufacturing Industry NEPCON 2017 opens in Shanghai on April 25th
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The 27th China International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition (NEPCON China 2017) kicked off on April 25th, 2017, the annual event of the electronics manufacturing industry.

     NEPCON China2017 China Electronics Show is an influential and large-scale exhibition in the electronic manufacturing automation industry. This year's exhibition is unprecedented in scale. The exhibition area has expanded from 30,000 square meters last year to 32,500 square meters, and 450 from 22 countries and regions. A number of well-known brands will be present at the venue and will focus on new products and technologies in such areas as surface mount, soldering and dispensing, test and measurement, electronics manufacturing automation, electronic new materials, and automotive electronics. It is expected that more than 32,000 professional visitors and quality buyers will gather here to celebrate the annual event of this electronic manufacturing industry. Wuhan Bolian Special Technology will also bring company equipment to the exhibition site.

      For the top laser industry in the show, automation technology must be its future development direction. Among these, Wuhan Bolian Special Technology, as a leader in the laser industry, is also presenting company equipment at the exhibition. Wuhan Bolian Special Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company integrating planning, design, development, production and sales of whole plant automation. It mainly serves the direction of laser welding. The company mainly produces thermostat laser soldering machine, laser ball soldering, laser welding, laser reflow soldering, UV marking machine and a variety of related equipment, at the same time to undertake non-standard factory automation projects.

Pictured: NEPCON China 2017 Live


Industry name enterprises - Wuhan Bo Lian special technology industry hot spots

       In recent years, China's electronics manufacturing industry has been developing by leaps and bounds every year. China has become a well-deserved electronics manufacturing center in the world. However, the continuous rise of electronic product process and labor costs has made the traditional Chinese electronics manufacturing industry face a development bottleneck. Purchasing new automated equipment to replace labor and challenge the process limit will become the inevitable trend of future industry development.

       In the new situation, laser welding and other related automation technologies and products have begun to have many successful applications in the electronics manufacturing industry. As more and more electronics manufacturing companies pay attention to production costs and efficiency, it is believed that in the next 2-3 years, the climax of automated manufacturing and replacement of electronic manufacturing industry will usher in.

       As a word-of-mouth company in the laser welding industry, Wuhan Bolian Special Technology is rooted in East China Radiation and is committed to being a leader in the Industry 4.0 era, enabling exhibitors to use the NEPCON professional display platform to achieve a more convenient and efficient approach to customer depth. Interaction, better maintenance of customer relationships, access to sales leads, promotion of new products, establishment of corporate brand image and further enhancement of market competitive advantage.


The picture shows professional visitors are learning about welding equipment from Wuhan Bolian Special Technology


The audience enjoys a huge amount of information feasts Many intimate activities have brought the atmosphere to a climax.

      On the first day of the exhibition, the audience immediately enjoyed the rich resources and convenience brought by advanced technology in front of the booth of Wuhan Bolian Special. The enthusiastic participation of the audience, in-depth exchanges with our field sales staff and technical staff, discussed the latest ideas and cutting-edge technology trends. In the next two days, professional visitors in front of the Wuhan Bolian special booth were even more incessant. Various advanced technologies and cutting-edge technologies will await the spectators who come. At the same time, we can also take this opportunity to expand our new fields on the basis of previous years. Although just one day has passed, the performance of Wuhan Bolink Special Technology in all aspects has demonstrated its professionalism and maturity in the laser welding industry.


The picture shows our company's on-site sales staff and technicians in-depth exchanges with professional audiences


       As large as aviation ships and small-scale microelectronics precision instruments, Bolian Special Technology has proven its ability to use its strength. Of course, in order to better serve the industry and become a leading company, Bo Lian special technology participated in the exhibition from April 25 to 27 at NEPCON China 2017 China Electronics Show, as the most influential professional commercial and trade exchange in the electronic manufacturing automation industry. Platform, NEPCON will also keep up with the industry this year, inspiring electronic manufacturing to demonstrate innovation and upgrading. At the same time, Bolian Technology will also be waiting for everyone at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (Booth No.: 2N12)!


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