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Wuhan boliante Technology Co. Ltd. (Optics Valley - Wuhan Chinese) is a high-tech enterprise, is one of the core business of laser industry. The company is mainly engaged in the semiconductor laser as the core of the welding, marking, curing and other series of laser equipment R & D, production and sales, to provide customers with rich products and customized non-standard laser equipment company's main products are laser ....MORE+

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  • Laser soldering series
  • Laser automation series
  • Laser plastic welding series
  • Laser welding series
  • Laser sequestration series
  • Laser plate series
  • Laser marking machine series
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Constant temperature laser tin welding machine

Constant temperature laser tin welding machine

Real-time temperature feedback system of intelligent work platform CCD camera positioning light four point coaxial

Applicable fields: PTH components, PGAs, RFI fields, connectors, hybrid reassembly components,...

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Automatic line production line of network filter

Automatic line production line of network filter

Automatic transmission, the realization of curing, peeling paint, point solder paste, welding, cutting, an automated process operation.

Process for laser curing of the glue - laser paint stripping - point - - laser cutting laser ...

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Laser plastic welding series

Laser plastic welding series

Laser-welded thermoplastics are realized through a transparent effect, and the laser beam is directly absorbed by the second layer without any influence through the first transparent plastic layer. The second layer of synthetic plastic...

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Laser welding system

Laser welding system




Hot-sale product/RECOMMEND
Laser sequestration series

Laser sequestration series

Controllable temperature laser is used to control and solidify the screens of smart phones, smart wearables, etc., so as to achieve localized constant temperature heating. With the current waterproof glue, IPX7 waterproof standard can ...

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Laser plate series

Laser plate series


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UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine


Industry solutions


  • 3C electronics industry

    3C electronics industry

  • Optical communications industry

    Optical communications industry

  • Connector industry

    Connector industry

  • Electroacoustics industry

    Electroacoustics industry

  • Camera industry

    Camera industry

  • Automotive microelectronics industry

    Automotive microelectronics industry

  • Solar energy industry

    Solar energy industry

  • Military industry

    Military industry

  • Power module industry

    Power module industry

  • Light lighting industry

    Light lighting industry

3C electronics industry solution<


China's mandatory product certification, English name China Compulsory Certification, English abbreviated CCC. The full name of 3C certification is &qu...


Optical communications industry s

Optical communications industry solutions

Optical communication increasingly fierce market competition, more and more requirements of the communication equipment volume is small, the interface dens...


Connector industry solutions


The electronic components of the integration is higher, the product volume to develop in the direction of miniaturization, soldering the traditional heatin...


Electroacoustic industry solution

Electro acoustic

Cable, Bluetooth headset, receiver miniaturization and to the quality requirements for the improvement of the application of MEMS technology, more and more...


Camera industry solutions


By using the constant temperature welding method, the tin can be avoided during the welding process.


Automotive microelectronics indus

Automotive Microelectronics

The application of laser to material processing makes the manufacturing industry change radically and solve the difficult problem that many conventional me...


Solar energy industry solution

Solar energy

With the rapid development of solar energy and heat and light market, the pressure plate solar energy and the pressure water tank are attracting more and m...


Military industry solutions

Military project


A system solution for the most advanced automatic
welding equipment for industrial 4 customers

Improve the overall process level for you

Flexible processing technology, expansion of product research and development space, compatible with a variety of solder implants. Solve the difficult problem of the precision device welding process.

Improve product yield

No electrostatic discharge, laser partial processing, precise automatic counterpoint, no stress and pollution, fast heating, small heat affected area, ensuring product consistency and improving product yield.

Improve the level of automation

Non contact machining is very easy to cooperate with automated production. Automation can achieve high degree of processing versatility, automatic processing equipment instead of manual implementation.。

Reducing the overall cost

The use of automated manufacturing technology can reduce the number and production of employees Area, reduce the rate of waste and improve the overall economic benefit

Improve production efficiency

The high speed moving mechanism combined with the rapid laser processing, effectively improving the production efficiency, the constant temperature closed loop feedback, and ensuring the high speed and stable production.

Improving the level of information

PC control, based on Windows interface Hair, visual operation, programming Simple and quick try

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Wuhan boliante: the world's first 100G optical module soldering solutions, and help the 5G network development of optical communication industry

Wuhan boliante: the world's first 10

100G is the hot focus of the optical communication industry. Authoritative experts predict that the data center market will enter the fierce competition stage of 100G in 2018. Mo...

The development of the anti shake function OIS for the laser spraying tin welding assistant camera module

The development of the anti shake fu


Laser spray tin welding system: open a new era of non static machining

Laser spray tin welding system: open


Revolutionary microelectronic welding scheme of constant temperature precision laser soldering

Revolutionary microelectronic weldin


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